Premios Laus & Magabook 2019


This year we have been chosen by ADG-FAD to design the ADG-Laus Magabook. When we sat down to look for an idea for the Magabook, the first thing we did was to look at everything that surrounded us in terms of books on design. We saw that, both in specialised publishers and in the previous editions of Magabook, it is common to find a very forceful and expressive graphic language. In that sense, the differentiation with respect to those books (which we like so much, by the way) had to come by using a more poetic concept, which graphically allowed us to be lighter and at the same time gave us possibilities of application. At that moment, skin emerged as a concept capable of representing aspects so closely linked to design awards such as effort through sweat, emotion through bristling skin, singularity through skin marks or trajectory through wrinkles.

Designing the Magabook is overwhelming. Being aware that, to a large extent, the readers of the book are from your own sector makes you feel an enormous responsibility. We are a very critical sector that analyses each other a lot. If you also stop to think about it for a while, great design references come to mind who you know are going to have this book in their hands.


That’s why every decision we make, every line spacing, every headline, every graphic element, we know that it is looked at with a giant magnifying glass. In the end, that pressure is what motivates us the most, and what makes us enjoy the process.

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Premios Laus & Magabook 2019

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