Socovos Heritage

Client Ayuntamiento de Socovos


This book is a rigorous and illustrated walk through the tangible and intangible heritage of Socovos, a small municipality in the Sierra del Segura. A publication in which we have been able to participate in an integral way, from the edition of its contents, the art direction in illustration and editorial design.


As its prologue says, “in the age of networks, where any information is sometimes treated as the word of God, we frequently find inaccuracies or unverified data that, by dint of repeating them, become absolute truths.

This book fills that advisory gap by gathering in a simple informative volume scattered information that may be difficult for most readers to find. But on the other hand, it offers the most curious reader the possibility of going to the sources or bibliography that enrich the knowledge of Socovos and its surroundings»