La Base

Client La Base

Four film professionals, Cartagena as a set and a passion for teaching. With this briefing we developed a complete branding project for the La Base Film School.

La Base, Escuela de Cine del Mediterráneo, is a complete project in which we have addressed the conceptualization of the brand, the naming and the graphic identity signs (logo, typography, colors, icons and graphic systems).

In close collaboration with its founders Antonio Conesa, Pablo Berger, Paco Belda and Pablo Mas, we have opted for a military nod to the city that hosts this school, taking advantage of the parallels with the world of cinema from the day-to-day of a shoot to the film references. that the classics leave us.

We are a film school in Cartagena with a combative and rebellious team that understands this profession as an intense way of life in which sometimes you suffer and other times you enjoy, but you always feel proud. The Base combines all of that in one sexy, punchy name.

Antonio Conesa
Executive Director of La Base