Client Dekko Isho Group


Dekko Isho is the Bengali family business that brings together a large holding company in key industrial sectors of the Bangladeshi economy, such as the textile, furniture and paint manufacturing sectors. The conversion towards a more sustainable, technical and humane model has led them to redefine the keys to their mother brand. Starting from the three circles that made up its visual identity and that represented the union of the three generations that make up the company, the redesign proposes the continuation of this concept, but through greater dynamism with flexible graphics and greater color prevalence based on pride in the company’s Bengali roots.


The graphic flexibility is given by a system in which three rings acquire different compositions within a positional scheme. Each brand application shows a different logo under a strict system that at no time makes it lose brand recognition, and that reflects dynamism and unity in equal parts. A brand that is put into play in digital and audiovisual environments must be a brand in which movement is part of its DNA.