Socovos Magazine 2017

Client Ayuntamiento de Socovos


For this year, the editorial concept led us to present the Socovos Festival Magazine as a souvenir, making its cover a fold-out and cut-out postcard, like those of yesteryear. The images on these postcards are synthesized and colorful illustrations of emblematic places that are part of the collective imagination of its inhabitants.

Premios Laus 2018

To round off the concept, the magazine was accompanied by some personalized Postage stamps with other illustrations of the town in the same style and an invitation on the first page of the magazine to share the town with those who are outside.

«Like every year, the entire town throws itself into its festivities. The magazine, which is an indispensable element of the Fair, takes the pulse of the people, who in turn respond with expectation to learn about the game that its design proposes»

José Ángel Sánchez Gil
Writer and Coordinator of the Socovos Festival Magazine