Client Omnivore


A mystery under the sand that contains a whole world of uncertainty.

In the design of this photobook we have started from a concept as simple as mystery and the discovery of one’s own through the strangeness of presenting it as something heartbreakingly alien. This metaphor presents a prelude to the content of the book, alerting us to the general atmosphere that we are going to find in the images of this photobook.


The book has been selected as one of the best photography books of the year 2015 by  PhotoEspaña and also chosen by competitions such as Encontros da Imagem de Braga, Artbook Embarrat, Libros Mutantes en La Casa Encendida or Festival  PhotoAlicante.

The project has been reviewed by Gabriela Cendoya and Détour Diarios and is part of collections such as The Library Project or PhotoEspaña.

You can acquire AF in Shoot.