Mobel Sport Catalog

Client Mobel Sport


Mobel is a high-end sports equipment brand. Specialized in cycling, triathlon and running, it adapts each product to its customers through an exclusive garment customization system. The design of this catalog includes the entire offer of personalized kits, offering an editorial design with care in every detail, from the icons to the typography. The project includes conceptualization, art direction, graphic design applied to garments, creation of ranges, photographic production, locations and production management for offset and digital print runs.


The design of the catalog is one more part of an integral process in which sub-brands and graphics applied to the product have been designed as a way of identifying these sub-brands.

Each of the garments in the catalog has been custom designed thinking of its presence as a piece of communication. This theme has been taken to detail in the definition of a simple and careful art direction with notes of subtle surrealism that emphasize the image through suspended elements and aestheticized foreshortenings in which the garment shows off the graphics in the best way.


The design of four ranges to organize the quality systems of the product portfolio has been one of the starting engines of the project. Each range features bespoke typography and graphic patterns.

Different icons and pictograms have been developed to identify the different production details that inform the quality and finishes of each of the catalog references.