Mobel Sport

Client Mobel Sport


For Mobel Sport, the manufacture of sportswear is like a goldsmithing process where passion and meticulousness come together.

The brand project developed for this sportswear brand means highlighting that effort for quality and technique that exists in the manufacturing process, and which in turn is a demand from the target audience in the sports sector, especially in sports. such as cycling, running or triathlon.

Mobel Sport’s corporate visual identity gave rise to a very sober solution based on monochrome and diagonal lines. The black and white of the brand allows the color to stand out in the context (either photographically, or in the design of the garments themselves). The diagonal, on the other hand, makes it possible to generate a complementary graphic capable of making the brand recognizable and offering solutions that go beyond the mere logo. In this way, we configure a whole graphic field that acts on products (sportswear design), packaging (packaging design ) , vehicles and corporate stationery.


We transfer our passion for sport to the entire production process, innovating with technical fabrics, high-quality components and cutting-edge technology, with the sole objective of living up to the expectations of our athletes, who are like a big family to us.

Bartolomé Molino
Executive Director of Mobel Sport


In this brand project we have worked comprehensively on all the company’s visibility vectors. Regarding the physical space, together with Leonardo Meseguer, we developed all the design and brand application to the workspace and the façade, giving coherence to the brand application in the company’s own facilities in Totana (Murcia).