Bonker Bao

Client Bonker Bao


In every city, there is a hidden, dark alley that is ruled by madness. Bonker Bao is a gastronomic approach to a Shinjuku alley, where the Bao is the blank canvas on which to lay explosive recipes, regardless of tradition, where the fusion between cultures occurs under the dominance of taste. The branding and interior design project respond to such a gastronomic approach. The feeling of being indoors is that of being outdoors, in the street, where the craziest things in the city always happen.


Bonker expresses the crazy, hard-hitting, explosive attitude behind every bite of a bonker bao. The essence of this restaurant is to use the bathroom as a blank canvas on which to put all kinds of ideas, mix cuisines, or make crazy combinations.

If the name gives us speech, the tagline describes the product. Good Street Food tells us about street food in a simple and affordable format, but with gastronomic quality as its flag. Bonker Bao is more than just fast food – it’s good fast food.


The interior of the premises is where the brand expresses itself most forcefully, and where the consumer interacts, generating an experiential link with the brand. To elevate the concept of street food, we recreated a Tokyo alley in the heart of Murcia.

An Omoide Yokocho in the heart of the Santa Eulalia neighborhood. Luminous and neon lights that invite you to enter an outside street, whose night light illuminates us through electric and flashing colors. An interior design project in close collaboration with Fáctica Arquitectura


A launch campaign that seeks intrigue about a new product in the city. The taboo as a call to attention, talking about a product hiding it under the censorship of the pixel. More about the campaign here.