Client Rosegar


A more Mediterranean brand with the sun as its flag. Rosegar is a fruit and vegetable company with international distribution and a strong presence in all European markets. In this project we have restructured all the graphic signs of the brand around a simple and concise visual system that makes visible the traditional and Mediterranean character of the brand. Vivid colors and brocades with the solo as inspiration.


The implementation of a brand is key to its recognition. Planning and developing all the points of contact between the public and the brand is part of a well-executed work process.

This has been a complete brand project that addresses the development of more than fifty pieces that cover all the brand’s visibility vectors. Web design, primary and secondary packaging, vehicles, product photography, infographics and audiovisual material.

This rebranding project has refreshed and updated an entire family business that has 50 years of experience in the fruit and vegetable sector.

José Antonio Rosero
Sales Director