DÍNAMO is a quarterly publication that includes the youth programming of the Murcia City Council along with interviews with the coolest in the city. Each number revolves around a specific theme, which serves as a backdrop to introduce the programming content of the city’s youth services. Three youth centers, programs to help young people, outdoor activities, languages… and tailored content developed for each issue.

Premios Laus 2019

D&AD Graphite Pencil 2020

Tokyo TDC 2020

ADCE Europe 2020


DÍNAMO, the newspaper that brings young people closer to all the youth programming of the Murcia City Council. This first issue is a declaration of intent, a claim to print, a commitment to physical media in the midst of the digital age. Because it is not the same to see something on a screen than to have it in your hands eating your eyes. In this issue we developed the illustrations internally together with Paula Navarro.


Google it, share it, likes, followers, trendy, influencers, stories…, everything is screen, paper is dead, isn’t it? What you have in your hands is not virtual reality, you don’t need a battery or coverage, just a good table or arms no longer than those of Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones.

The mechanism of these enormous papers is simple and its possibilities are endless. You hold them, you unfold them, you follow the letters they contain in a sequence and you find out a lot of stories that will make you swish swish in your brain. At that moment your body does a comprehensive prá prá and you set off towards free activities, scholarships, courses, trips and a thousand other things.


Being authentic and being in the know are two things that are sometimes hard to maintain. We all want to be influencers even for a while, and we want it because after all we are also followers, and we follow people who inspire us and enthusiastically share everything they do. For this reason, this second issue of Dínamo is dedicated to some young people who are putting everything they have inside to be the best.


The third issue of Dínamo is dedicated to lovers of the singular, to all those who find it difficult to explain to their mother on Friday nights and to all those who have ever looked at them strangely for everything that, a priori, is out of the norm. Because the norm is such a boring thing that it doesn’t deserve its own Dynamo number. Internal art direction and illustrations by Rayo Salvaje and Rubio & del Amo.