Play Restart Club Fedrigoni


Play Restart invites us to give a talk at Club Fedrigoni Madrid

A talk for a graphic designer is always an opportunity for self-analysis, or to analyse others. In this case, the public psychoanalysis session was given to us by Wences Sanz, organiser of the event, to talk about design and everything that occupies and worries about the profession. We decided to focus the talk on the debates that arise day after day in the studio, which are not few. Among these everyday debates there is a recurring theme that has to do with the design that we consume every day and that we all pay for: design and public administrations. “Basically, nothing different from any other project, but when it comes to public money, everything changes. What is normal in almost any sphere, in the public sector becomes bureaucratic, legal, everyone’s money, transcendent and with incredible repercussions”, said Víctor Palau and Ana Gea in their editorial in the magazine Gràffica, which has already published a monograph on this subject.

And it is in this transcendence that we get embroiled every day. What if a badly commissioned campaign, what if random criteria in public contracting, what if there is a lack of understanding of the real capacity of design to solve everyday problems. A tantrum here, a tantrum there. And that’s what we took to Club Fedrigoni to reflect on three problems that we detect on a daily basis and that we needed to share with the guild in a talk we entitled “The total absence and complete excess of graphic communication and its lack of planning in the public sphere”. There you have it.

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